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Steelism #1425

The first time I saw Steelism play, I did not realize that they had their own band going; I was at The 5 Spot in East Nashville where they were just returning from a European run with Caitlin Rose. I knew they were sought-after players in mainstream pop country from various television awards shows, but when they stepped up to “play a few of their new tunes” as they said, I had no idea what was to come. Imagine hook-y pop rock with some psychedelic grooves and a danceable beat — on steel guitar. Since their EP, I have been awaiting their new album 615 to FAME.

The album has the magic touch of Country Fried Rock alumnus, Ben Tanner (Single Lock Records, Alabama Shakes) and was recorded partially in Nashville before Tanner came on board, and completed in Muscle Shoals at FAME Studios. Tanner mixed all of the record at his place, yielding a cohesive vibe and putting this record at the top of my instrumental rock list. I love instrumental pop rock. Vocals are polarizing, and for me, this is where instrumentals sometimes reign.

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Parker Millsap #1405

Parker Millsap might dress like a wayward Boy Scout in pressed khakis and tucked in undershirt with slicked back hair, but don’t let his looks deceive you — he’s a full-fledged entertainer inspired by the best of gospel and blues. Millsap’s self-titled album, out now on Okrahoma Records, brings singalong and dance-able music to songwriting of one who is moving on from his past but not rejecting it, more true-life than most with his Pentecostal youth. Touring as a trio, Millsap and his band bring all the energy and passion of the record to the stage, despite changes in instrumentation, which you probably won’t even notice, as they fill the room with music and emotion.

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Parker Millsap
John Fullbright
John Moreland
Turnpike Troubadours
Shovels & Rope
The Temptations
Pentecostal choir
Old Crow Medicine Show


Henry Wagons #1303

Henry Wagons must have watched a few too many Las Vegas television specials growing up. How else would the Australian songwriter developed a fascination with the showmanship of Tom Jones and Elvis? Add to the mix (literally) Wagons’ obsession with vintage reverb sounds like the songs of Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, and you end up with a record full of noir duets that is both retro and ethereal–without becoming too trippy.

Henry Wagons’ band, Wagons, reached Australian success, and roots music first-adopters may have heard either Wagons’ tune “Willie Nelson” or “I Blew It.” His album of duets with a variety of beautiful voices, Expecting Company, is his first with a wide-scale American release. Sonicly, this record maintains the over-the-top vibe of much of his songwriting, but the contrast with gorgeous singing from Jenn Grant, Sophia Brous, and Alison Mosshart (among others) brings this record to a new plane.

Wagons’ theatrics on stage and expansive recordings mirror his personality, as well. He is quite entertaining to interview, regaling tales of his cooking skills, his vision for music videos (some of which are extremely conceptual), and his love for ELO, the Electric Light Orchestra. While some people might tell these tales on themselves for the amusement alone, Wagons manages to share his genuine passion for these over-the-top antics, reflecting his love for them, not sarcasm, snark, nor superiority. Henry Wagons repeatedly mentions how thankful and grateful he is for the success he has had, in spite of his drive to fulfill his “egomaniacal vision.” Just another self-deprecating line from Wagons himself!

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Check out some live video of Henry Wagons as a trio in Atlanta recently, as captured by Atlanta Music Examiner: