till mule

Julie Lee

Way back in 2010 when Country Fried Rock was still an online radio station, we talked with Julie Lee. She has since released a couple of other albums, highlighting her gorgeous voice and vastly different musical interests.

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Julie Lee‘s eight album, Till and Mule, came out in November 2013.

Till and Mule as described by Julie Lee:
“Several of these songs came to me in an unusual way. The title track came after digging in the dirt in my garden and then driving through the Midwest while on tour. Each song has a sense of place, a landscape.

Artistically, what is different about this record is that it was recorded over a year ago, with the initial intention of releasing a double album. I had used some of my 2012 Kickstarter support for the initial recording and mixing, but decided to sit on T & M while Julie Lee & The Baby-Daddies had its moment to shine. This afforded us the gift of a musical rest … to ‘step back from the painting.’ It allowed us the chance to look at each song individually with the perspective only time and distance can give. The people I asked to be on the record; to pick up a paintbrush, to add something to the canvas were artists and musicians that I trust implicitly! Aaron Roche, Nathan Phillips, Dan Burns, Jason Goforth, are dear and gifted friends.

Aaron encouraged me to record at Gray Matters in Nashville with engineer Mike Odmark. We began by picking up our ‘paint and brushes’ to outline the songs with a myriad of musical instruments. Dan Burns (drums and percussion) then joined in to add the perfect foundation and texture to the record. Jason Goforth (pedal steel, lap steel, and harp), who had been playing these songs with me on tour, added the initial wash of color on the canvas. Nathan Phillips then took the canvas home and gently painted with his one-of-a-kind vintage upright piano. We did an initial mixing of the basic tracks in 2012 and then ‘let it rest.’

While remixing in early 2013, we sent the canvas to Aaron to compose and record string arrangements on two of the tracks, and suddenly, it was finished. Mike Odmark’s refined mixing skills framed with Alex McCullough’s yes-mastering genius created a record which is…well…one of my personal favorites.

My sincere hope is that this music provides personal space for the listener–to step back from their own painting.”