Video Premiere: Weston Harris Hill “Love Me, Tinder”

Song Debut from Weston Harris Hill

Weston Harris Hill has been around East Nashville for a while. Familiar faces and places in his new video attest to his place in the community of musicians. “Love Me, Tinder” will be cringe-worthy and real for anyone in the current dating scene, and bemusing for those who have not dated in the App Era. Stacie Huckeba captures the genuine friendships and bonds that help keep musicians’ heads above water.

New Album, Summer 2018

Hill’s second record, When You Least Expect It, releases late summer 2018. He recorded the album at home with a vintage Tascam, producing himself, but this is not a lo-fi, scrappy sound. With hints of Tom Petty in the Traveling Wilburys in a couple of the songs, this lead track is a modern country story song: man seeks blue-haired woman… We told you it’s modern music, even if the songs make you want to drop the top on a 1971 Mercury Cougar convertible and drive.

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VIDEO PREMIERE: M. Lockwood Porter “Reach the Top”

Written and Produced by M. Lockwood Porter
From the album How To Dream Again on Amazon or iTunes

“Reach The Top” (US) (UK & Europe)

Video by Joseph Casey and M. Lockwood Porter
Featuring Joseph Casey and Kris Payne
Engineered and Mixed by Peter Labberton

M. Lockwood Porter – vocals, guitar, harmonica

Reach The Top

It’s a psychopathic isolation daydream come alive:
The worker drones still serve their queen though she’s destroyed the hive.
Instead there’s bigger houses and some better cars to drive,
A screen to feel connected
A pill to kill the pain,
A ladder to convince you that your climbing’s not in vain,
A mortgage and a mouth to feed that keep you up at night.
“You may reach the top one day,” they say, “if you play your cards right.”

First, they took the farms, and then they built the factories.
But then they took the factory jobs and they sent them overseas.
They raised all the tuitions and told us all to get degrees.
Now we’re deeper into debt,
Deeper in despair,
Deeper underwater and we’re running out of air.
But if you want to see the rainbow, you must put up with the rain.
“You may reach the top one day,” they say. “There’s no need to complain.”

There’s something percolating in the poorest parts of town.
There’s new cafes and restaurants and new money all around.
And everywhere you go, you hear the same familiar sound.
From Detroit to San Francisco.
From Brooklyn to the South.
In everything that goes into or comes out of your mouth.
In the shirt upon your back or the very bedroom where you sleep.
“You may reach the top one day,” they say, “but it ain’t coming cheap.”

The suicide is sprawled upon the bloody bathroom floor.
A policeman shot another boy and no one knows what for.
I try to listen to the wind blow, but you can’t hear it anymore.
There’s only smoke and static.
There’s only noise and fear.
There’s only so much talking until you tune out all you hear.
There’s only buried bodies trying to shout up through the dirt.
“You may reach the top one day,” they say, “but someone’s getting hurt.”

Our new path to heaven’s paved with hundred dollar bills
And a hundred ways to justify the people that we kill.
We have now more than ever, but that won’t satisfy us still.
Every drop of oil.
Every drop of blood.
Everyone who fights back lying facedown in the mud.
Everything belongs to us no matter what the price.
“You may reach the top one day,” they say, “but you’ll have to sacrifice.”

Joey Kneiser Tracks Bigfoot

I’d listen to Joey Kneiser and Kelly Smith sing the alphabet — on repeat. Their videos are legendary, too. Grab his latest record here on Amazon or iTunes.

Did you hear our interview with Kneiser a few years ago?

Humming House Hangs With Hounds

Not really — all kinds of dogs. We have a new podcast with #CFRalumni Humming House coming soon. Here’s their fun dog-filled video that we discuss in our new interview. Enjoy!

Humming House is on tour. Grab their music here on Amazon or iTunes.


Lincoln Durham “Creeper”

Country Fried Rock featured Lincoln Durham several years ago, and he’s only gotten better. Here’s “Creeper” off his latest album, Revelations of a Mind Unraveling, available on Amazon and iTunes.

Farewell Drifters

Early features on Country Fried Rock, The Farewell Drifters, have shared a new video from their recent Music City Roots performance!


We did not podcast yet back in 2010, but here is what we had to say about their release at the time.

Buy The Farewell Drifters’ music in the iTunes store or over here on Amazon mp3 and physical music. We especially like their older record, Yellow Tag Mondays.

Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy: Video & Tour

Woohoo! Country Fried Rock alums, Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy, are launching a super tour. See if they’re heading your way (DC, VA, NY, NC, GA, WI, KY, TN, more!), and buy your tickets. I got to see them in a nice long set at Rhythm N Blooms in Knoxville this month and highly recommend going.

Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy also have a brand new video for y’all, too! Please share.


Download our podcast with Shonna Tucker.
Buy Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy’s album, A Tell All, on Amazon or iTunes.

5/5/2014 Washington, D.C. @ Hill Country Live (Indoor Stage)
5/6/2014 Ashland, VA @ Ashland Coffee & Tea
5/8/2014 Washington, D.C. @ Hill Country’s Backyard BBQ at the National Building Museum
5/9/2014 NYC, NY @ Hill Country Live (Outdoor Stage)
5/10/2014 Brooklyn, NY @ Hill Country Live
5/13/2014 Raleigh, NC @The Pour House Music Hall
5/14/2014 Charlotte, NC @ The Double Door Inn
5/17/2014 Winterville, GA @ Marigold Festival
6/10/2014 Wisconsin Dells, WI @The Showboat Saloon
6/13/2014 Whitesburg, KY @ Summit City Lounge
6/14/2014 Maryville, TN @ The Shed at Smokey Harley Davidson

Brett Detar

Our alum, Brett Detar, has a new video to accompany his new hometown, Nashville! You can still download his latest album for free on his site.

Buy Brett Detar’s music here on Amazon.

From Detar’s email:

Here’s my new music video for “Tried To Hate The Angels” directed by my dear friend – the talented Michael Graham. It’s a bittersweet semi-formal farewell to my home in Los Angeles. Feel free to share if you like what you see!

Our radio program from 2012 is here.
Previous update here.

The Loomis Fargo Gang

I don’t know much about The Loomis Fargo Gang, but I love this mellow, trippy folk tune in their video. From Googling them, the band is from Virginia and their website is broken. Their album on Bandcamp, The Prettiest Shade of Blue, is great.

Buy their music HERE on Amazon or The Loomis Fargo Gang on iTunes.

Patrick Sweany “Working For You”

Our alum, Patrick Sweany, is one of my most favorite musicians on the planet. I love his records and his shows are even better. Check out his latest video which debuted on Esquire magazine today!

Buy Patrick Sweany’s music here.
or Patrick Sweany on iTunes.

Download his podcast here.

The Railsplitters “Boarding Pass”

A little high, lonesome female vocals for you from the Railsplitters! This song is a bit more mellow than our usual fare, but I found myself still singing the little yodel part in my head at a red light and realized that I needed to share it with you all. Enjoy. –SS

Buy their album here:
or The Railsplitters on iTunes.

From their bio:

From their home in the Colorado Rockies, The Railsplitters have been scaling new heights with a refreshing and charming range of Bluegrass and beyond-Bluegrass tunes. For a debut album, The Railsplitters sound remarkably assured, playing with the kind of abandon that their live shows are known for. Bringing real depth, and formidable talent, this group draws influences from all the greats– from Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs to modern groups like Uncle Earl and Crooked Still. The Railsplitters are nothing if not enthusiastically bluegrass and contagiously so, with rapid tempos, unusual instrumentals and goodtime-breakdowns! Using powerful female and male vocals, enchanting harmonies and masterful instrumentals, The Railsplitters have the kind of raw power that can raise mountains and maybe even a few eyebrows.

The Railsplitters debut album starts off with a nostalgic homage to lead singer Lauren Stovall’s hometown of Jackson, Mississippi,“The City With Soul”. As a singer, Lauren has certainly got soul, and plenty of it! And while Lauren is giving Alison Krauss a run for her money, her bandmates and fellow songwriters Peter Sharpe and Dusty Rider (yep, that’s his real name folks!) are masterfully pickin’ the mandolin and banjo (respectively). Peter and Dusty, along with innovative upright bassist Leslie Ziegler, all sing on the album and add to The Railsplitter’s impressive songwriting.

The quartet usually start by writing their songs individually and then come together to develop them as a group. This songwriting interplay adds a special addition to an already broad diversity of styles and genres on the album. From dance numbers like “Lonesome Feeling” to modulated instrumental numbers like “Longs Peak”, to sweet ballads like “Where you Are”- The Railsplitters have a song for every kind of mood.

The Railsplitters have a musical range that sets them apart from other up-and-coming Bluegrass bands. Calling on genre influnces from Roots/Americana, Country Twang, 50’s doo op, modern pop and of course, good ol’ fashion Rock n Roll, they’ve been wowing listeners at home in Colorado and beyond. Since their beginning in early 2011, The Railsplitters have won two major contests: 2012 Pickin’ in the Pines in Flagstaff, Arizona and 2013 RockyGrass in Lyons, Colorado!

A Very Glossary Christmas

Your favorite band’s favorite band, Glossary, has done it again!

Check out their excellent teaser for their upcoming special, A Very Glossary Christmas!

Hear one of the best interviews we’ve ever done, with Joey Kneiser of Glossary.

Buy Glossary’s music HERE on Amazon or HERE on iTunes.