Jeremy Squires

If you like reflective, sad songs, check out Jeremy Squires‘ music. Squires is from New Bern, North Carolina, who openly shares his struggles with depression in his songs. As fans of Country Fried Rock know, musicians’ mental health care is our official charity cause. You can help HERE.

Dash Rip Rock!

Dash Rip Rock are back!

Bill Davis on “Meet Me at the River”:
“We gave ourselves a challenge to write an anthemic Southern rocker like “Mississippi Queen” or “Up Around the Bend.” This song went through several versions. It was mostly inspired by the 70s Louisiana band Potliquor who sang about the bayou and played fist-pumping classic rock. This is our tribute to all the great Louisiana rock and roll that came before us. The line “call Landry on his houseboat” is a nod to Kirk Landry from the Dick Nixons who passed away a few years ago.

This song was originally recorded at a faster speed. Ben Mumphrey slowed the whole track down for the album and this gave it a much more solid groove. But for the video, we went back to that first mix for fun.

I used to go listen to bands at Fred’s on the Amite River in Port Vincent with my dad. “Meet Me at the River” reminds me of that time. I also like to drive my boat fast and this is the perfect song for that.“

Catch them at Americana Fest!

North Mississippi Allstars

Woohoo! New album from North Mississippi Allstars, World Boogie Is Coming, in September 2013!

Buy their music HERE on Amazon or North Mississippi Allstars.

Toy Soldiers

Dang! Not sure how I missed these guys before! Enjoy their free tune here.

Check them out HERE.
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The Brothers Comatose

Woohoo! Congrats to our alumni, The Brothers Comatose, on their new video.

Check out our radio show with them HERE.
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The Ponderosa Stomp

This is a cool promo video in support of a concert and foundation, The Ponderosa Stomp. I found this through the music of The Standells and Swamp Dogg, who we have highlighted in the past.

From their press release:
The music fanatics of the Stomp bulldoze the slick detritus of contemporary music to find the rawest, deepest stuff out there, simmering under the surface, waiting to be rediscovered before it’s too late. They are still out there among us, and the Stomp exists to celebrate these architects of American music. Go Behind the Curtain of the full 2013 Ponderosa Stomp Festival line-up and see the dizzying array of artists, from girl singers to rock n’ roll to soul, garage and swamp shouters, performing in October.

The Civil Wars “The One That Got Away”

From the press release:
The Civil Wars was recorded in Nashville between August 2012 and January 2013. Charlie Peacock was once again at the helm as producer for the album. Additionally, Rick Rubin produced the duo’s performance for the track “I Had Me a Girl” in August of 2011. Peacock later completed the track by producing the instrumentation and mix.

The album was recorded amidst a grueling touring schedule, exhausting workload and a growing disconnect from their families. Personal statements from band-members Joy Williams and John Paul White can be viewed at

T. Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate

Preorder Audition Tapes on vinyl, CD, or digitally from 10% of all proceeds from the preorder will be donated to The Georgia Trust For Historic Preservation

After Morris was finished writing and recording the songs on Audition Tapes, an album steeped in nostalgia, he became inspired by The Georgia Trust’s annual “Places In Peril” list – which seeks to identify and preserve historic sites threatened by demolition and neglect (Learn More). Morris and filmmaker and photographer Jason Thrasher traveled to 10 historic sites throughout Georgia to film live performance videos of each song found on the Audition Tapes. Over the coming weeks T. Hardy Morris will release additional takeaway videos to draw attention to the Places in Peril list as we approach the July 30th release of his full-length album.

Recorded at Playground Sound studios with Cosmic Thug production team Justin Collins and Adam Landry, the sessions behind Audition Tapes came to be with the help of a variety of Morris’ talented circle of friends who “dropped by” to lend a hand, including Delta Spirit’s Matt Vasquez, Black Lips/Diamond Rugs guitarist Ian Saint Pe, steel guitarist Matt “Pistol” Stossel, keyboardist Thayer Serrano, and drummer Julian Dorio (The Whigs).”

Hymn For Her: Lucy Fur Video

The brand new video from the wacky humor of Hymn For Her!

Buy their excellent new rocking record, Lucy & Wayne’s Smokin’ Flames HERE on Amazon or HERE on iTunes.

Check out our feature with them this year right HERE.

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The Bear

We discovered The Bear Overseas Then Under through CouchByCouchWest, and played one of their songs in the Browan Lollar interview. We’ve got an upcoming interview with Ben Tanner of their record label, Single Lock Records, soon.

Think you know Tea Leaf Green?

Their brand new album might change your mind–especially since they have never played any of these songs live until this week!

Check out In The Wake HERE

Interview with Trevor Garrod coming soon to Country Fried Rock.

Spinal Tap

Best movie ever. Well, almost.

You should buy This is Spinal Tap (Special Edition), and force your kids to watch it.

You might have heard that the soundtrack is out on vinyl now, too!