Scott Miller #1421

Scott Miller is miles away from his days with the V-Roys, but Knoxville still claims him as their own, even if he has since returned to rural Virginia to farm. Raising cattle requires his presence, limits his touring, but allows Miller hours and days to think. From talking with Miller, I get a sense that the cows are going to win out over the road, sooner rather than later, making his performances more precious to fans than they may realize. His most recent album, Big, Big World, unites Miller’s lyrics with Doug Lancio’s guitar thoughts, for a cohesive, but not yet thematic, album. Both recorded multiple instruments on the record, with just a few friends stopping by to add to the sounds. Miller is already writing for whatever his next album may be, in his assessment moving even closer to a “vibey” complete thought.

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Thanks to Rhythm N Blooms in Knoxville, TN, for connecting us with Scott Miller.

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The Infamous Stringdusters #1420

The Infamous Stringdusters tour so much that they even have their own festival, The Festy, with a fabulous lineup including our alumni, New Country Rehab. Chris Pandolfi and Andy Hall are so in sync that they alternate answering questions and finish each others’ sentences. For their fifth album, Let It Go, the Stringdusters opted to produce the album themselves, using their own instrumentation and vocals, but this time around, they road-tested the songs before recording. I likened their sound to a bluegrass band inside a giant rubber band, stretching in every direction, but staying within bounds and not wandering off too far into jamband territory.

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Allen Thompson

Woohoo! Country Fried Rock alums, Allen Thompson and Lucero, are playing a show in Nashville on 16 February at Exit/In!

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Allen Thompson Band

We love our early alums, especially when they have continued to make fantastic music! If you are in Nashville this Friday, make sure you head to The Basement for Allen Thompson Band. Lots to see, including some free music on the ATB site. Great music, great people!

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Screen Door Porch

One of our earliest features was a great duo/band based in Wyoming with Carolina roots, Screen Door Porch. They’ve got a nifty new video and are on the road regularly, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Sometimes the play full band, sometimes as a duo, but either set-up is great.

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The Loomis Fargo Gang

I don’t know much about The Loomis Fargo Gang, but I love this mellow, trippy folk tune in their video. From Googling them, the band is from Virginia and their website is broken. Their album on Bandcamp, The Prettiest Shade of Blue, is great.

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Allen Thompson: Encore From 2011

Some of y’all have been with us since our early days in 2010, as a food blog with a side of music and travel, to a music blog with a side of travel and food, to an online streaming radio station, to a weekly radio program, and then dropping all the side-projects to just focus on the weekly radio show. Well, somewhere along the way, we amassed over 200 interviews, only some of which have been available in our archives for the last year or so. Many of these conversations hold up well, and the bands have only gotten better, which is how we decided to bring you our conversation from early 2011 with Allen Thompson, following his acoustic solo record, 26 Years. Since then, the Allen Thompson Band released a fantastic full band album called Salvation In The Ground that needs to be in your collection. I still listen to both records weekly, which is saying something, considering how much new music I listen to, as well.

Please excuse my exuberance and goofiness. I had not quite figured out how to express my enthusiasm without stepping on people’s words at the time. I think I know why my friends describe me as “delightfully dorky” when I listen to programs like this… –Sloane Spencer (Host)

Radio Show
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Andrew Leahey #1328

Andrew Leahey first rolled across my computer in a by-line. I did not even know he was a musician, but he has interviewed hundreds of songwriters, singers, and players and was a co-editor of the go-to site All Music Guide. Leahey also happens to be a Julliard-trained musician who played Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center before he even made it to Nashville. Leahey’s latest EP, Summer Sleeves, is laying the groundwork for his move towards Americana and away from the more pop sound of his previous record. You can check out his showcase at Americana Fest in Nashville in September 2013.

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Alex Culbreth #1323

Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars’ latest album, Heart In A Mason Jar, has sent the Virginian across the country on a long-term DIY tour, playing any venue he can find in hopes of seeing the country and sharing his songs.  With influences from other songwriting troubadors like Woody Guthrie and Townes Van Zandt, and fellow DIY songwriters known only to small circles, Culbreth writes songs that are finding a path for himself and seeking out fans.  He writes a lot of music and records much of it, yielding a wide range of projects for someone whose name is still mostly unknown.  As he tours and plays, he refines his work, in search of the right song to play for you. Culbreth has just been added to the lineup for the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, one he mentions in our conversation.

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