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Best of 2012 musician, Jimbo Mathus, has a new album out called Dark Night Of The Soul. Please enjoy this archived program following his EP, Blue Light, in anticipation of White Buffalo. The podcast at the bottom of this page is still one of our most popular. –SS

Jimbo Mathus describes himself as “original,” a word with layers of meaning for him and that he uses frequently in conversation. Mathus is one of those rare, self-taught experts in the humanities, well-versed in art history and poetry, local history and its impact on Read More

Jimbo Mathus

Country Fried Rock alum, Jimbo Mathus, writes, records, produces, or performs constantly. His latest video, “Tennessee Walker Mare” from Jimbo Mathus & The Tri-State Coalition’s 2013 album, White Buffalo, shares his visual aesthetic, as well.

Catch our fantastic conversation from 2012 HERE.

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