Yellow Tag Mondays

#1040 The Farewell Drifters

Back in the days when we were a fledgling music blog…

UPDATE:  The Farewell Drifters spoke with CFR regarding their June 2010 release, Yellow Tag Mondays.  They have another record coming June 2011 called Echo Boom.

Country Fried Rock loves unexpected music.  Generally, we do not read other critiques prior to our interviews, so as not to color our perception and expectations of our featured artists.  When we chatted with the Farewell Drifters, though, we had been tipped off by another blog, and were planning on hearing bluegrass.  Thankfully, we listened to the Farewell Drifters music first, instead of relying on someone else’s word.  (Yes, there are music blogs that post without actually listening to the music.  We are NOT one of those blogs!)

We think that the Farewell Drifters have been victims of “posts without preparation.”  It’s just not old school bluegrass, plain and simple.  We hear the Beatles, Ben Folds, and the Beach Boys, and even a bit of beach music like the (original) Drifters, or surf music like She & Him, and a touch of Simon & Garfunkel.  Just because there is a mandolin, does not make it bluegrass.  It worked for R.E.M. and it works for the Farewell Drifters.

Their new record will release in June 2010, but we’ve had the pleasure of some early snippets, and it is amazing.  Their harmonies are tight and gentle, and their instrumentation is precise and clean.  Josh & Zack know what they want to create, and they have found a wonderful blend of musicians to complement their sonic vision.  They reference recognized talents, as well as some of Country Fried Rock’s friends, like Cadillac Sky and Danny Barnes, as influences.  The Farewell Drifters test their new songs on the road, so you may be one of the first hearing what will be on their next album.  Through social networking and traditional word of mouth, musicians bring meaningful lyrics to bouncy melodies, paired with intricate guitar work.  Check them out, while you still can get tickets to an intimate venue to hear The Farewell Drifters.

The Farewell Drifters performed at the Basement–with a friend on fiddle, causing them to rework all of their harmonies the night before–during Americana 2010.  Their voices sounded perfect, and they clearly enjoyed themselves as much as the crowd enjoyed them!


Songs in Episode 1040 include: