The Speedbumps

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A little background from the band:

The Speedbumps is an award-winning Americana band from Kent, Ohio founded
by singer-songwriter Erik Urycki. During the end of his freshman year in college
at KSU (2003), Erik suffered from severe panic attacks and was hospitalized for several days. He was later diagnosed with anxiety disorder and withdrew from school. Within several weeks, he picked up a guitar, taught himself to play, and busked for an entire summer with a young cellist he met as a way to work through his condition. Eventually, Erik went back to college and completed his degree in Public Relations, all while the music continued to pour out of him.

Ten years later, this sensitive and strong duo added more musicians, created three albums, earned an IMA Award, licensed their songs for feature films, and garnered local hero status as one of the best bands to come out of their region.

For Erik, the words and melodies he writes are therapeutic and autobiographical, covering topics that affect average middle class people like him, who struggle from time to time. Everything from relationships, to politics, to drugs, to death is addressed in his lyrics that are cleverly woven into upbeat jams or mood-inducing ballads. For his bandmates, the arrangements are reflective of their varying influences ranging from rural life in Northeast Ohio, to classical training at music school, to performing on the local jazz scene in Chicago.

when asked to describe his music. Writers have said the group is like Dave Matthews Band meets Steely Dan. Adult contemporary fans have said they have a Jack Johnson or John Mayer vibe. Still, Erik credits his ongoing condition as the blessing and the curse of his creativity. “I have just enough anxiety that when bad stuff happens, it just means more to me. Writing songs is simply how I deal with it.”

And there’s been a lot to deal with recently: long distance love, the sudden death of their drummer’s father, and the lost cancer battle of a close family member. In an effort to find some inner solice from the difficult personal events of the previous year, The Speedbumps sought a cabin retreat deep in the woods of Pennysylvania where they could reflect, grieve, write and release their experiences together.

Songs off this third album, The Harbors We Seek, were recorded at that cabin as part of their self-reflection and healing process.