The Woodgrains

The Woodgrains, From Marshall to Venita, just came out this weekend. As I said to a mutual friend, “This is a little trippier than what we normally feature, but I like it.” With connections to Georgia music havens Waycross and Athens, the band brings depth to their songs and shows.

Enjoy a couple of free songs from the band to download and share!

From their bio:

As a band, Nick Carroll, Dylan Crosby, and Evan Amburn pride themselves on distinct three-part harmonies and sounds of the golden days: folk, soul, rock ‘n roll, and the psychedelic revolution. Classic instrumental arrangement and lyrical depth will both groove you and move you. Inviting sing-a-longs, dream-drifting jams, and powerful riffs will take listeners on a trip unlike any other.

“To hear the band live, or on its debut record, one can’t escape a sepia-toned mash up of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s California, The Band’s interpretation of the American South and The Woodgrains’ own barely adult take on the region’s rock ’n’ roll history.”
– Andre Gallant, Athens Banner Herald

“For a few hours the crowd loses themselves, somewhere between transcendence and plain ol’ good times”
– Steve Labate, Georgia Music Magazine

“On their recently released self-titled debut, The Woodgrains immediately impress… Trafficking in a nostalgia-tinged brand of lysergic folk-rock”
– David Eduardo, Flagpole Magazine

“If the soul-soaked riffs of Hendrix and harmonious daydreams of The Beatles had a baby, The Woodgrains would be the lucky offspring bastards.”
– Mike, Music City