Video Premiere: Weston Harris Hill “Love Me, Tinder”

Song Debut from Weston Harris Hill

Weston Harris Hill has been around East Nashville for a while. Familiar faces and places in his new video attest to his place in the community of musicians. “Love Me, Tinder” will be cringe-worthy and real for anyone in the current dating scene, and bemusing for those who have not dated in the App Era. Stacie Huckeba captures the genuine friendships and bonds that help keep musicians’ heads above water.

New Album, Summer 2018

Hill’s second record, When You Least Expect It, releases late summer 2018. He recorded the album at home with a vintage Tascam, producing himself, but this is not a lo-fi, scrappy sound. With hints of Tom Petty in the Traveling Wilburys in a couple of the songs, this lead track is a modern country story song: man seeks blue-haired woman… We told you it’s modern music, even if the songs make you want to drop the top on a 1971 Mercury Cougar convertible and drive.

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